Thursday, September 07, 2006


Asigment # 1

I chose Desperate Housewives TV show because I have to select a TV Program for my English course. I saw this program for the first time and I like it so much. Let me summarize it for you.

The story of four women who are close friends. There is another girl who committed suicide because she received a message that said ‘’ I know what you do, that’s rotten, I will tell this to somebody. This is the plot of the TV show. The story teaches me about, people's secrets. Everybody has a secret, some are terrible and others are ridiculous, but everybody has a good reason to hide reality.

Now I will introduce the characters to you. Gabrielle Solice was an ex top Model who likes cooking and loves rich men. She is married to a rich businessman named Carlos Solice. Carlos is not at home very often. Gabrielle is annoyed and hopeless about this situation and she decided to put some fun in her life.

Lynette Scavo is an ex businesswoman who is married to Tom. This couple has four children and Lynette educates them alone because Tom is always gone on business trips. Lynette is very busy and despairs about the situation.

Brie Vandercamp is married to Rex and they have two children. Brie is a perfect woman. She cooks great meals, dresses perfectly, is a wonderful gardener etc….. Her husband is very desperate to see her so perfect and asks for perfection. Rex is obsessed to get divorced from her and Brie doesn’t accept this situation.

The last one is Suzan. She was divorced and she has difficulty accepting this situation. But after one year she is ready to have another man in her life. She met Mike Delphinault and she wants to have a date with him. But she’snot the only one, Edith Britt wants him too…..

This is my introduction to this TV show named Desperate Housewives.
Assigment # 2
Brie asked her husband to cancel the appointment with the lawyer for the divorce and she asked to go see a matrimonial counselor to resolve the problem. But Brie didn't want to admit her problem and they weren't able to do therapy together.
Paul dug up a chest enclosing family secrets. He threw the chest in the river, but a fisherman found it.
Mean while Gabrielle decided to be unfaithful to her husband Carlos. She had an affair with John the gardener because she wanted to satisfy a need and put some prickling on her life. Her husband bought her a lot of nice things, but she was not satisfied enough and Carlos didn't know what he had to do to carry out her wish. Gabrielle stopped to make herself understood by her husband. In front of her friends she didn't talk about this situation. John began to fall in love with her.
Lynette ran out on her children and she was at the end of her tether. She discovered having kids challenged her and she found she had to be creative with them. That seems to be working well for the moment.
Suzan was determined to invite Mike Delphinault to dinner, but she was not a good cook, it was Mike who made dinner. But Edith found the means to be invited at the great annoyance of Suzan. Edith looked so pitiful after the burning of her house.... A neighbour, Mrs" Auburn, discoverd who was guilty about the fire.
Assignment #4
Desperate Housewives: Episode #3
Name of Characters : Suzan
I remembered my friend Marie-Alice expected to have an anniversary supper at home, and I continued to argue with my ex-husband, Carl.
I was ready to forgive my ex-husband. I said, I was ready to let my hanger going out.
A few times I tried to talk with my ex-husband, but we always finished in a quarrel. I dreamed to have an apology from my ex-husband. I grovelled, because I'm going outside completely nude to scream at my ex-husband, and when I wanted to go back inside home, all the doors were locked by mistake and Mike, my pretty neighbour found me like that when he was leaving to go out for supper with brie. After this bad happening, I decided to let go of my problem because the girl friend of my ex-husband came to see me to excuse my ex-husband.
My daughter drove me to invite Mike for supper and she gave me the opportunity to talk with Mike. Mike invited me for supper and this made Edith angry because she wanted to have a date with Mike too. My neighbour, Miss Auburn came to visit me and she brought me a homemade cake. She was taking advantage of these few moments to know something more about Mike and me. Miss Auburn accused me ok having put fire inside Edith is house, she found my measuring cup inside Edith is house after the fire. Miss Auburn was taking this opportunity to used blackmail on me about this situation. My daughter and I werw very decided to remedy this problem.
Assignment # 5
I really like to have to watch TV programs in English. This help me to understand better, and it is gives me the desire to carry on watching the next episode of this TV show. I rented the next series and I will continue to watch it because I think it’s a good method to learn English like this, keeping my ear accustomed to it and maintaining what I learn.

Now, I watch more and more movies or TV programs in English. Today with the CD technologies I can put French subtitles on or replay the film in French if I need some help to understand. The only difficult thing about the assignment is to summarize the TV journal, because there is a lot of action in a short time and a lot of characters.